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Executive search firms must deliver upon your specific requirements, and Imag Partners specializes in the fields you need most.

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The iMAG Difference

One-on-One Involvement
The principle partner is intimately involved in every aspect of the process including research, candidate development, screening, interviewing, and final offer negotiations.

Search Count
This project represents one of only four (4) or five (5) searches ongoing at any one time at iMag Partners as opposed to fifty (50) or more in larger firms, this translates into a faster completion cycle and more attention.

Satisfied Clients
Over seventy (70) percent of iMag Partners’ business comes from repeat clients providing us with a powerful testimonial to our ability.

Exhaustive Process
iMag Partners does not quit when it comes to exploring further in our research and recruiting processes. Our completion ratio is one of the highest in the industry.

Entrepreneurial Spirit
Our entrepreneurial ethos is the foundation of our company. We recognize its importance and value when building management teams.

Track Record
iMag Partners is constantly completing successful searches developing a solid reputation and track record thoughout the interactive industry.

What is a retained executive search firm?

An organization that functions as a branch of your own company to help fill your executive staffing needs. Retained executive search firms work to develop first-hand knowledge of your organization to truly understand your industry, company, and culture. We use a proactive process to find the individuals that will best fit your organization and the requirements of your position.

Executive Search Approach

Needs Analysis
iMag partners fully investigates, analyzes and determines your organization’s strengths, needs and goals. We identify each company’s unique characteristics and culture prior to embarking on a project. Understanding the key ingredients for success enables iMag partners to find the best possible fit to enhance your team.

Customized Solutions
iMag partners approaches every search and each client with a customized solution to resolve your management and recruiting needs. We begin with an information sharing session at your office to discuss the functional and personal profile of the individual being recruited. A search plan is developed to include a research strategy, source companies to be targeted by the industry, and a mutually agreed-upon timetable for achieving results. This process requires an intensive collaboration between the firm and the client company.

Personalized Service
iMag partners assists the client throughout the entire search process, from identifying the candidate slate, to negotiating a compensation package that will both attract and retain the selected candidate. All candidates are interviewed in person and evaluations are communicated to you in the format you choose. Once selected, we conduct a comprehensive reference check on the candidate chosen.

Proactive Partnering
iMag partners utilizes its experience in constructing an offer with the client that will be acceptable to the candidate. We handle all offer negotiations, assist in candidate resignation, and determine acceptable start dates. The entire search process is client centered and our efforts are focused on attracting and retaining the optimal executive for your organization.

Lasting Relationships
iMag partners believes building long-term relationships is pivotal to building your business. Our dedication to understanding your company’s culture, industry expertise, and client commitment are the keys to a successful and lasting relationship.

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